Costa Rica Eats: Bistro Bon Appetit @ Santa Elena

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After our night hike with Santamaria’s in the Refugio de Vida Silvestre, we got the tour operators to drop us off at Bistro Bon Appetit, which was a short walk away from our hotel–Rustic Lodge. We had initially planned to go back to the main part of town in Santa Elena, but that was a much further walk from our hotel, and with my knee situation, especially after a long hike, we decided that it was best to eat somewhere closer. The manager at our hotel had recommended Bon Appetit as well, so we figured that it was a safe bet!

When we got to Bon Appetit, there was a large tour group of American high schoolers and teachers there. They were really loud! Fortunately, although we arrived later than them, our food came out sooner since we were a smaller party (2 compared to 30?)


Buns with garlic oil and chili oil as appetizers! Garlic oil was delicious! I ate it all!


Supreme Pizza – 8500 colones/US$17: One of the best pizzas I’ve had. The crust was perfect! It was super crusty on the bottom, and really moist inside. In addition, the crusty bottom stayed crusty throughout the meal–that’s just the best thing ever! Otherwise, it was a good supreme pizza. The red peppers were unlike red peppers we are familiar with–these are the long and skinny variety that is supposedly sweeter. Really good pizza! Worth the buck!


Pineapple Crepe – 2400 colones/US$5: Best dessert we had all trip. This warm pineapple crepe caught us both by surprise. Firstly, who uses pineapple as crepe toppings? Only in the tropics! Also, warm pineapple is amazing. It reminds me of pineapple tarts! The ice cream was the ‘good kind’ too. Highly recommend!

Bistro Bon Appetit

Address: Intersection between Rt606 and Rt619, Opposite the Monteverde Vistor Center
Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)
Overall: Highly recommend!


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