Costa Rica Eats: Falafel Bar @ Manuel Antonio

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Went to Falafel Bar on our first night at Manuel Antonio! The Falafel Bar is located up on the mountain of Manuel Antonio, and is accessible by taking a bus from the beach to the top of the mountain. Each ride is 320 colones, or about 70 cents. We headed to the Falafel Bar just in time for sunset, so we did not catch much of it, but we would recommend heading up the mountain slightly earlier so that you can enjoy sunset fully. Falafel Bar is perched on the edge of the hill, and has a bar area that looks out to sea. Sunset would be perfect there.

The menu is scrawled on the walls, and there are little scribblings of Hebrew here and there. It’s cute! In addition, this place has free wifi!


View of the deck area of Falafel Bar!


Our falafel wrap is here! It was absolutely delicious, but rather pricey at 4000 colones/US$8! A sandwich for $8? Wow! We also got a pineapple and mint shake! It was easily the best shake we had all trip, and also the most expensive at 2000 colones/US$4.



Innards of our falafel sandwich. It has a ton of falafel, hummus, pickled red cabbage slaw, onions, tomatoes and other greens! Very yummy! We wanted to go for 2nds, but they did not have enough change for our 10000 colones bill. Too bad! 😦

Falafel Bar

Address: On the intersection of Rt618 and a smaller road. There is a huge sign that you can see from the bus!
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Good!


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