Costa Rica Eats: Pops @ Quepos

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After our sea kayaking tour on the last day, we headed to Quepos to explore the area, since we were already sick of the Manuel Antonio area. Quepos is a really tiny town that had basically one main street that was two or three blocks long. Needless to say, we got sick of it pretty quickly. It was also rainy, hot and humid, so we decided to head to Pops, an ice cream parlor that had AC, to eat our ice cream cones really really really slowly.

There was a huge variety of ice cream there and we picked the ‘tropical’ varieties. Other than regular cones, Pops can make you sundaes and ice cream milkshakes. We just got the cheapest and simplest, which were really really good!


Coconut ice cream – 800 colones / US$1.60: This was a new flavor so it was on sale. I love it! There were little bits of coconut in the mix, which I really appreciated since it offered some variation in texture!


Mango ice cream – 1000 colones / US$2: Super mangoey! I’m quite sure these were made from real mangoes. It just had that fresh and natural taste to it! Yum!


Address: Across the street from the beach!
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: Good!


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