Singapore Eats: Whampoa Satay Bee Hoon @ Whampoa

When I was back in December with J for our Singapore wedding, my dad brought us to Whampoa for dinner. He was insistent that Whampoa had really good food, and since we still had a car then, we all packed up the vehicle (wasn’t too hard, since it was just grandma, dad, mom, J and I — 3 missing brothers and their girlfriends!) Here are some other posts about food we had that night at Whampoa Makan Place (hawker center): Mang Jia Jiao SatayHoover Rojak, Ah Hock Fried Oyster Hougang, Whampoa Satay Bee Hoon, Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee.

My mum loves satay bee hoon, but she is only a fan of two satay bee hoons in all of Singapore. The first is her childhood kampong friend’s stall that used to be at East Coast Lagoon, yes, that famous satay bee hoon there. They’re not there anymore. We heard they made enough and are now retired. The second is my grandma’s/her mom’s satay bee hoon. Other than these two, no other satay bee hoon has been good enough. “The sauce is too coarse, or water, or there’s not enough liao (ingredients)” etc, she says. As you can see, if a satay bee hoon is not the best, it will not appease my mum. So, is Whampoa satay bee hoon good enough?


Here’s our feast for the night. That’s a lot of food for five people, where two of them are mini-eaters! My dad also cannot wait to eat, so he’s already started.


Here’s the satay bee hoon from Wham Poa (don’t know why they separate the two syllables) satay bee hoon. There was a lot of ingredients in this, including pork, kang kong, prawn, cuttlefish, cockles, in addition to the thin bee hoon. The sauce was quite flavorful and not too sweet, which is good, but I think that it was still not ground finely enough for my (much less my mum’s) taste. I don’t think it beats the East Coast Lagoon satay bee hoon, that one is really the best (or was?), but this satay bee hoon is not bad too. My biggest gripe is with the sauce–too coarse and too watery!


Here’s everyone (I was taking the picture)! I love my family! 🙂

Whampoa Satay Bee Hoon

Address: #01-38 Whampoa Makan Place, Block 90 Whampoa Drive
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: Good!


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