California Eats: Kare-Ken @ Tenderloin [San Fran]

Food posts from my Left Coast concert trip to San Francisco: Kare-Ken @ Tenderloin, Dragon Eats @ Financial District, Bissap Baobab @ Mission, Cream @ Mission, Good Mong Kok Bakery @ Chinatown, New Golden Daisy @ Chinatown, Kobe Bento @ Chinatown, Red Blossom Tea @ Chinatown, Sushirrito @ Union Square, Boudin Bakery @ Union Square and Boxing Room @ Hayes Valley.

Headed to Kare-Ken after the first concert. This was a very simple restaurant that only served Japanese curry. It only had seating for 8! It felt like one of those places where the Japanese salary men would dine at. Haha! When I got there, there was only one other diner at the restaurant. With the seats facing the chef’s prep station, I expected more small talk and banter from the chefs, who all seemed pretty chill, but since I was not a regular, nobody talked to me other than taking my order, which was a little bit of a disappointment.

Oh my god! I heard that Kare-Ken closed down! Geez, I must have been there on one of their last few days. That’s just really too bad! 😦


You get your own glass bottle of water. I just love it when I can fill my water, and have LOTS of it!




Tonkatsu Curry – $8.50: I got the pork curry, and they fried my pork cutlet only when I ordered it. The pork cutlet was light, and really crisp, but did not have much seasoning on it, which is like most tonkatsu. It came with a huge pile of rice (I couldn’t finish it), some boiled vegetables (these were nicely seasoned) and a delightful red salad pickle/slaw. They also gave you the curry sauce in a separate container so that you can choose not to drench everything in the sauce, which was my take on it, since I wanted my pork cutlet to stay crisp! There were three different spice levels for the sauce–mild, hot and very hot. I misinterpreted the levels to be mild, medium and hot, and got the middle category, which was too hot for my liking. That said, the curry is really good. It was the perfect consistency, and had it not been so spicy, I would have downed everything. Very good curry and fairly priced. People should go here more often!


Address: 552 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: (415) 292-5273
Hours: T-Sa | 5.30pm – 10.30pm
M, Su | closed
Price Range: $ (Under $10 per person)
Overall: OK


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