California Eats: New Golden Daisy @ Chinatown [San Fran]

Food posts from my Left Coast concert trip to San Francisco: Kare-Ken @ Tenderloin, Dragon Eats @ Financial District, Bissap Baobab @ Mission, Cream @ Mission, Good Mong Kok Bakery @ Chinatown, New Golden Daisy @ Chinatown, Kobe Bento @ Chinatown, Red Blossom Tea @ Chinatown, Sushirrito @ Union Square, Boudin Bakery @ Union Square and Boxing Room @ Hayes Valley.

This one was another ‘by chance’ discovery. I was walking around looking for Sun Sang Market, but the GPS brought me here. Incidentally, it is right next door to Good Mongkok Bakery, so I spent some time looking at what they had to offer while being in the line for dim sum.


From the outside…


Lots of meats hanging out!

The sightings seemed promising. They had roast duck and pork hanging by the window–always a good sign, and some other stuff that you could buy per pound inside. I tried to get myself a single portion of roast duck, but the dude told me that he could only sell duck as whole or halves. Embarrassed, I decided to get a small amount of roast pork instead.


If you know Chinese roast pork, the most prized part is the crispy skin. However, he chopped up a long piece of pork that had absolutely no crispy skin on it. I was irked, and asked him for the skin. He then said, ok, and chopped a small portion of pork with skin and dumped it in my box. That was WAY more than what I needed, and most of it was skinless! I felt irritated, cheated and silly. I have about three quarters of a pound of just pork and some skin, and I have to pay for it. Damn!

Anyway, the pork was okay. The skin was great, but I had three mouthfuls of it. This came to about $6. I wish I never walked in. The 3 pieces of crispy skin was not good enough for me to have to eat 3/4lbs of mediocre pork on my own. Bahhh!

New Golden Daisy

Address: 1041 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108
Telephone: (415) 392-0111
Price Range: $ ($0 to $10 per person)
Overall: Meh minus.


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