California Eats: Boxing Room @ Hayes Valley [San Fran]

Food posts from my Left Coast concert trip to San Francisco: Kare-Ken @ Tenderloin, Dragon Eats @ Financial District, Bissap Baobab @ Mission, Cream @ Mission, Good Mong Kok Bakery @ Chinatown, New Golden Daisy @ Chinatown, Kobe Bento @ Chinatown, Red Blossom Tea @ Chinatown, Sushirrito @ Union Square, Boudin Bakery @ Union Square and Boxing Room @ Hayes Valley.

I was meeting Chong Han for dinner before my concert, and he suggested going to Boxing Room. The Boxing Room is round the corner from the symphony, ballet, jazz and opera, and would be a great place to visit before any performances in the area. We both love Cajun cuisine, and so this restaurant was a perfect fit for our tastebuds. CH’s restaurant picks have always been good, and I’m lucky to have friends in the area to recommend restaurants!

Thank you my dear old friend for the treat! It’ll be my turn when you come to visit!


Boxing Room’s menu!


Interior of the dining room!


Celery Soda – $3: I ordered this because it looked interesting, but it did not taste at all like celery. I’m not even sure if celery soda is supposed to taste like celery–why would anyone want soda that tastes like celery? That said, this soda extremely and almost uncomfortably sweet.


Boudin Balls – $7: These guys were delicious! There were five balls per order. Boudin balls are little balls of rice packed with some meat and liver, then breaded and fried. These boudin balls were really flavorful and packed a rather complex flavor for being fried snacks. Will definitely order this again!


Fried Chicken – $25: We told the server that we were going to share everything, and the kitchen split the fried chicken plate into two places for us–that was nice of them. The fried chicken plate also came with mashed potato,sautéed kale and a very smoky sauce that was probably made of giblets and liquid smoke. The chicken was quite good. I had the breast and wing meat (CH had the drum and thigh), and the breast meat, while not juicy, was rather tender. The chicken had a very crisp breading or batter that was extremely crispy and not at all oily! We both wondered if the chicken was ‘air fried’ because of how light it was. Despite this, I feel that the chicken could have had more seasoning. If not for the smoky sauce, which to be honest, was too small a portion, the chicken would have been too bland to enjoy. The sides were delicious. The mash was very very buttery, and the kale had chunks of corned beef in it.


Duck confit with Adouille Sausage Jambalaya – $23: This is Chong Han’s favorite dish at this restaurant. The duck confit was good–crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, but it was not very flavorful. This was more than made up for by the andouille sausage jambalaya. The jambalaya had a very complex flavor profile that was savory, but sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy, but never too overwhelming. Very very good! I would have been happy with just the jambalaya without the duck confit!

Boxing Room

Address: 399 Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: (415) 430-6590
Hours: M | 11.30am – 10pm
T – Th | 11.30am – 11pm
F | 11.30am – 12am
Sa | 11am – 12am
Su | 11am – 10pm
Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)
Overall: Yummy!


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