Seattle Eats: Skillet @ Armory

Another post from our short 5-hr layover in Seattle: Le Panier Boulangerie Francaise!

We were in Seattle for five hours for a stopover on route to Hawaii, and got to explore the city a teeny bit! We met up with one of J’s kindergarten (yup, it’s been a while!) friends, and had lunch at Skillet, which we read all about on the flight there. We were by the Armory, so we also got to see the Space Needle and all the cute gardens around that area. It was really nice for such a short trip!


Menu! I love it when food trucks upgrade themselves to have a physical location! (So much more convenient for me!) Skillet also expanded and now have a full-service dining restaurant in Capitol Hill too!


Skillet counter! Love the cast iron pans as decor…


Emy at the Armory!


Pork Belly Waffle – $10 : They had me at pork belly. Like WHAT!? Pork belly on a waffle? Hell yes! Unfortunately, the waffle was rather small, and the pork slice was even smaller and mostly fat. Don’t get me wrong, I like my pork fatty, but this one was just 90% fat, which was rather unappetizing. Also, braised pork should fall of your fork. This one was not so soft or moist (despite the fat content–HOW!?) and the ‘maple syrup’ really did not work with waffles, soy braised pork belly and scrambled eggs. I get the whole hipster lets-put-things-that-usually-don’t-go-together idea, but there are good ideas and bad ideas, and unfortunately, this one didn’t work out. 😦


Fried Chicken Sammich – $12 + $3 upgrade to poutine: The burger was pretty decent, but on the dry side. It had some spiced aioli on it, but it was not enough to moisten up the sandwich. The chicken was really crunchy, and perhaps overly crunchy! I felt the top of my mouth get scraped a lot. A lot. Kale is also a rather dry veggie. In addition, the poutine was absolutely shitty. It’s like dousing fake gravy with shitty cheese on soggy fries so that you can make people pay more for it. Like What!? Anyway, don’t upgrade to the poutine. Not worth it!

Skillet : Counter

Address: 305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA 98109
Telephone: (206) 428-6311
Hours: M-Fr | 11am – 7pm
Sa, Su | 9am – 8pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Meh and overpriced.


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