Seattle Eats: Le Panier Boulangerie Francaise @ Downtown

Another post from our short 5-hr layover in Seattle: Skillet!

This place is right across the street from Pike Place Market! We walked around Pike Place a little, but couldn’t really find a good spot to sit and rest for a bit. Most places were selling trinklets or random souvenirs (so touristy!) and there was a fish market that didn’t sell anything cooked too. Seven floors of shops, and not one good looking cafe! But, there was Le Panier and Starbucks (yes, the original Starbucks) across the street. I picked Le Panier because Starbucks was packed with Asian tourists wanting tumblers. Geez!



There were a ton of people, then suddenly everyone left! We must have smelled real bad…


Petit choux/Chouquettes (or profiteroles!) – $3.50 for 6: Yummy yum yum! I don’t know where and what or why, but I remember having a bunch of these as a kid.  Since Singapore most definitely wasn’t crawling with profiteroles, my learned guess would have been that we had profiteroles at Marks and Spencer, which we did frequent a fair amount. (Yeah, you guys know the story of pancakes and strawberry jam!) Anyway, these were good. I wish I could have had more, but they were expensive too. Yum!

These petit chouxs are wonderful. Very buttery, moist and soft. I like the crunch of the sugar too! Recommend!


One more look!

Le Panier

Address: 1902 Pike Pl
Seattle, WA 98101
Telephone: (206) 441-3669
Hours: M-Sa | 7am – 6pm
Su | 7am – 5pm
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: Very good!


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