Singapore Eats: Eng’s Eating House Wanton Mee @ Tanjong Katong

When I was last back in SG, I met up with my friend Jack for some local delights. We decided to head to Eng’s Eating House because we heard of how wonderful their wanton mee was! They are one of those rare hawker stalls that ‘upgraded’ into their own eating house. It seems like the trend these days, which is not bad, as long as the food stays the same. We also got a plate of fried wontons to share, since that was what everyone was doing! For lunch, there was a huge crowd, so be prepared to wait!

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Wanton Mee – $4 for small, $5 for large: The mee was very Q (springy) and had a good bite. I like! The char siew was deceptively red, and my plate was quite fatty, which I liked. Jack’s plate was less fatty, and more of the lean pork type. There was some caixin, but I would have liked much more for $4! For a $4 bowl, it was just enough for a lunch portion. There were a few wantons, which were filled with slightly more meat than your regular wanton mees. Overall, a very good bowl!

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Fried Wantons – $4: An order gets you 10. These are the same wantons that are boiled with the noodles. Crisp and good! It came with a dollop of sweetened mayo. Yum!

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One of the best things for me at Engs, is the free flow of pork lard/la pok, which adds that extra oomph to the noodles. Most people don’t eat as much pork lard as I do, but I really do live to eat, and if I die young because I eat deliciously, then so be it. For others though, Eng’s chili sauce is supposedly to die for. I tried a teeny bit of it, but it was too hot for my taste. You can buy the chili sauce while you’re at Eng’s too, which is an improvement over their hawker stall.

Eng’s Eating House Wanton Mee

Address:Β 287 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437070
Telephone: (+65)Β 86882727
Hours: Daily | 11am – 9pm
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: Great!


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