Singapore Eats: Thunder Tea Rice @ Lau Pa Sat

When I was last back in SG, I met with my aunt for lunch near her work place at Marina Bay Financial Center. When we got there, there was this one stall with a very long line, one that extended OUTSIDE of Lau Pa Sat, even though the stall was in the middle of the hawker center. That’s really impressive, especially with lunchtime crowds with an hour lunch breaks. I immediately got in line, and was surprised that the line moved rather quickly!

Thunder Tea Rice, or lei cha (thunder tea, literally) is a Hakka dish that blends chopped (usually including french beans, romaine lettuce, chye sim, kai lan), white or brown rice, tofu, anchovies, peanuts, preserved turnips and sometimes other toppings, with a bitter soup that is made of tea/cilantro. It is supposedly very very healthy food, unless you add some fried stuff to it, like we did. For a more historical explanation of lei cha, check this out.



Thunder Tea Rice – $6 (add $2 more for shrimp balls, as above): Very very yummy! I loved everything about it–the crunch of the peanuts and anchovies, the bitter soup, and the overall freshness of the dish! I would avoid the shrimp balls in future. Not much meat, and mostly filler! I highly recommend lei cha to anyone who hasn’t yet tried it!

Thunder Tea Rice

Address: Stall 12
Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
18 Raffles Quay
Hours: Daily | 8am – 10pm
Price Range: $ (Below $10 per person)
Overall: Excellent!


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