New Hampshire Eats: Markey’s Lobster Pound @ Seabrook

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We took a weekend trip to Portland, Maine for our 1st wedding anniversary. On the way up and down, we stopped by Markey’s Lobster Pound for some seafood. We didn’t plan for Markey’s to bookend our trip, but we were so impressed the first time round that we decided to go back for a second round despite it only being two days later!

I liked Markey’s when I first found it because it had all the prices of what they were serving listed online. There are so many places that list the prices of my favorites–clams and lobsters–as MP or market price, which drives me absolutely insane, because it could be $10 for a lobster, or $28 for a lobster (these numbers are the highs and lows from personal experience.) That is stupid, because as a consumer, I’m not going to drive all the way to bumfuck coast for lobsters only to realize that I can’t afford a $28 lobster. Help yourselves, folks, just let us know what you’re charging for the season, or 1/3 of the season, if prices do actually fluctuate in the season. It’s only fair.

Markey’s is run like a well-oiled machine, and it is obviously one. They are divided into three ‘bars’ where you can place your order–the fried food area, the raw bar/lobster area and the steamers/alcoholic beverages area.


Markey’s! This is where you order your fried food. The fried food menu is on the four large TV screens on the left and right. They’ve got the system down to a T! This is what you see when you walk in.

To the right of it, is the raw bar and lobster ordering area. You’ll see tanks of lobsters, and they pick yours out of the tanks only when you order them. It is as fresh as it gets!

Up the stairs and to the left is where you order your steamers, steamed mussels and liquids! It’s so organized, but it took us a while to figure out this organization.




Fried Shrimp Plate – $16.95: For $16.95, you get a bunch of shrimp (19) that was perfectly fried, a bunch of fries, and a little container of coleslaw. The fries and coleslaw were decent, and the plate-stopper was definitely the shrimp! They were fresh, crunchy and perfectly salty (I’m guessing that’s from being in seawater), and the batter was so so light! It was perfect!


Fried Clam Box (Small) – $13.95: I think the clams were my favorite of ALL things we at at Markey’s. The batter was so light, and the clam bellies were just perfectly perfectly cooked. So much clam and well worth the price. Seriously, why are clams so damn expensive this season? I haven’t seen anything below $18 for a small box until we came here.


The view from the deck as the sun was setting. So beautiful!


Got a clam chowder to go, to eat when I’m watching Jurassic World. #onlyinMaine!

Clam Chowder – $4.95: When I finally had the clam chowder, I found out that it was an atypical clam chowder. Most chowders give you clams that are all chopped up. This one, had three clams with it’s bellies still intact. That’s good! However, it was a very watery chowder, and had LOTS of potatoes in it. I would probably skip this menu item in future.


Fried Oysters (Small) – $13.95: The next trip, I decided to try their fried oysters. I got thirteen oysters in my order, and they were all plump ones! The batter was as expected, really light and crisp, and came with that much desired crunch! The oysters were my least favorite of the fried stuff we got because they were rather bland. There was not much seasoning in the batter, and for clams and shrimp, it was fine because they had some natural saltiness. Unfortunately, the oysters were rather bland and I had to eat these with ketchup!


This guy was shucking clams the entire time we were there. Poor dude. It looked like an incredibly unpleasant job prying open things that didn’t want to be pried open.


9.99 per pound, for a total of $23.68 for two lobsters! Not cheap, but by far the cheapest we’ve found this summer! (Why are lobsters so expensive this season?)


These two were our guys, before they became all red and delicious.

Looking pensively, waiting for my food.

Lobsters are sold in three sizes. The smalls are 1 to 1 1/4 pounds each, and you pay by the pound at $9.99/lb. The medium lobsters are between 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds each, and are $11.99/lb. The ‘premium’ lobsters are larger than the rest, and are $12.99/lb. Don’t ask me why there were no large lobsters, or why large lobsters are premium. I have no idea!


Lobsters and corn are here! Corn gets sold for $1.95 an ear–expensive, but the sweetness is unparalleled. Also, its cooked with the lobsters, so it does taste like lobsters.


Food from the lobster/raw bar!


J and his lobster and corn! What a doofus!


Here’s my lobster. Go time!

The lobsters were sweet, and really easy to eat. They cut everything up for you, so if you’re a lazy lobster person who doesn’t like to get his fingers dirty, this is perfect for you; the extraction of meat was easy. Too easy, in fact. Also, I traded my tail for J’s lobster head (as I always do), and took a very long time extracting meat from the head. I like the head much more because it is so much more effort, and the meat is more tender. I also like the green goop and red roe that the lobster has in it’s head. I know it’s really high in cholesterol, but I love it! If there’s anything bad about this place, it was that the lobsters were a tad overcooked.


All done with my lobsters. There was literally nothing left. I even ate ALL the legs!


Sunset just as we were leaving Markey’s. It’s so beautiful!

Markey’s Lobster Pound 

Address: 420 State Rt 286, Seabrook NH 03874
Telephone: (603) 474-2851
Hours: Daily | 11am – 9pm
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Excellent!


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