Maine Eats: Blue Rooster Food Co. @ Portland

View more posts from our 1st anniversary trip to Southern Maine!: Markey’s Lobster Pound @ Seabrook NH; Blue Rooster Food Co. @ Portland ME; Shipyard Brewery @ Portland ME; Mike’s Clam Shack @ Welles ME; Congdon’s Doughnut Shop @ Wells ME.

Second stop on our anniversary trip! I had originally planned a Portland walkabout foodie tour, where we would head to Blue Rooster for tots and a few other places for a variety of things, but just decided to lunch here instead of moving around to four different places. The menu was definitely up my alley–tots, dogs, fried cauliflower? Those are my favorite food truck foods!

Anyway, the place is a tiny little store off from the main Old Port area. You wouldn’t see it unless you were specifically looking for it. It seated maybe 12 people at best!


Tots menu! I would eat any of these in a heartbeat!


L-R: Three Little Pigs Tot-tine, Pineapple Express and Seoul Dog!


Three Little Pigs Tot-tine – $7.50: Best thing we had in a long time. The tots were perfectly cooked–crisp on the outside and potatoey on the inside! The pork belly was the single most awesome bite we had for lunch. They were crispy on the outside and so melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. Bacon was crispy and the sausage was a-okay! I would have wished for more gravy (on the side) and more cheese curds, since it was supposed to be a poutine anyway, but what was given was great. I would eat this every day! 5/5!


Another view of the awesome tot-tine!


Pineapple Express – $5: [Bacon-wrapped dog, pickled mango salsa, cilantro jalapeno pineapple mustard.] This dog was extremely spicy! It was an interesting flavor–we couldn’t taste any mango or pineapple (unfortunately), and the cilantro seemed kinda out of place. I wish the buns were toasted! Probably a 2.5/5 for me.


Seoul Dog – $4.75: [Plain hot dog, house made kimchee, garlic mayonnaise, crushed peanuts.] This dog was a little less awesome than I had hoped. The peanuts had a stale smell to it. Eek. The kimchee was pretty good, but did not work with the rest of the dog flavor-wise at all, and I was pretty sure that the ‘garlic’ mayo had no garlic in it. 2.5/5.


Our order again. That tot-tine is to die for!

Blue Rooster Food Co.

Address: 5 Dana St
Portland, ME 04101
Telephone: (207) 747-4157
Hours: Su – Th | 9am – 5pm
Fr, Sa | 9am – 2am
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Very good!


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