Maine Eats: Pemaquid Fisherman’s Co-Op @ Pemaquid


Headed to Pemaquid Fisherman’s Co-op while we were up in Maine. Yes, it’s quite far out and also quite off the beaten paths, but it was well worth the trip!


Lots of lobstering decorations, like any and most lobster pounds in maine. I love it!


As you can see, they don’t only do lobsters. In fact, they do everything so your non-lobstering friends can have food too. You’ll realize that the lobsters are really erally inexpensive! $4.99/lb for soft shell cooked!? Wow! That’s even cheaper than a lobster at Market Basket!


Lots of picnic tables and also a good view! Just the way it should be!


Also a breeze!


They even have kiddie tables for the young ones. Yes, we were the young ones–but we hardly fit!? 😦


Bring your own beer, too! Here’s the fam having fun!


Steamers were really sweet and I love that briny-ness from the sea. Two thumbs up!


Lots of lobsters all round! We got hard and soft-shell types, so there’s a huge variety! All were perfectly cooked, sweet and tender. Yummy!


Here’s J and my lobster. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’ve now convinced him to eat seafood and crustaceans!


Loved our time at Pemaquid! Part of me wishes it weren’t so far away, but the other part understands that if it were nearer, it would be expensive and packed too! 🙂

Pemaquid Fisherman’s Co-Op

Address: 32 Co Op Rd
Pemaquid, ME 04558
Telephone: (207) 677-2801
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Excellent!


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