Boston Eats: The Daily Catch @ North End


It does look like I’m on a seafood roll here, but it is the summer, and also the best time to get seafood in this region. My friend PY and I had lunch at the Daily Catch (finally made it to this restaurant!) and were lucky that we only had to wait a little while (20 minutes–the lines are usually very long!)


The chalkboard menu tells you everything. Please note–CASH ONLY!

When we seated, we asked for recommendations and the server was very confident that everything on the menu was great. He did not give us any recommendations at all. That was helpful…


They serve bread when you sit. The bread is not great–it was a cold white loaf and was uninteresting. I don’t know why people bother serving meh bread as the first item a customer eats.


We got the small calamari ($11.75) to share. It was lightly battered, but was a tad overcooked. I was a little disappointed with the portion-price value, and that it was overcooked.


We also got the Monkfish Marsala ($25) to share. I felt that while the fish was cooked perfectly, that the sauce was too sweet (I know you use sweet wine for this; I’ve had marsala sauce before) and way way way too oily! I know monkfish is an oily fish, but the sauce did not need all that oil (I assume it came from the fish!)



Anyway, I think the food is decent. I would try other dishes in future–maybe those are better. If not, why the long long line outside, right?

The Daily Catch

Address: 323 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113
Telephone: (617) 523-8567
Hours: Daily | 11am-10pm
Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)
Overall: OK


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