Singapore Eats: Seng Hiang/Cheng Xiang Bedok Minced Meat Noodles @ Bedok South


This is just a 2 minute walk from where I live, but I’ve never tried it before. This time, I walked past and saw a lot of media coverage–Yummy King and what have you–on the side of the stall and decided to give it a try. I went down for breakfast with my grandma and we got two bowls of bak chor mee (henceforth abbreviated as BCM)–one with chili and the other without.


As with everything, if there are media posts (as you can see from the above picture), the prices tend to be steeper. Here, a small bowl of dry BCM costs $3.50 and a large bowl costs $4.50. I specifically stated the price as for the dry version, as the wet/soupy version costs less. At $3.50 a bowl, this is very overpriced for this particular market. [I can get a really good plate of nasi lemak for $2 and good chicken rice for $2.50!]


Here’s what a $3.50 bowl looks like, except my grandma gave me her fried wontons. You get two fried wontons, one boiled wonton, 2 meatballs (these are from a package), some minced meat in soup and some noodles.

The wontons are crispy, though I would have preferred either crispy wontons or soup wontons, and not both. 1 boiled wanton was very unsatisfying–these did not have much meat in them, despite being handmade at the stall.

The noodles were a decent amount of Q (chewiness), but were extremely oily! I really enjoy my pieces of fried pork lard, but these noodles left me feeling very heavy and fat–I did not enjoy it very much. My grandma, who ordered the noodles with no chili, lamented that there was no black vinegar in her noodles, and that it was mostly sour with the ketchup.

That said, the bowl of soup with minced meat was quite satisfying. No, there was not a lot of meat in there. Actually, it looked like there was more meat than there actually was because they mix their minced meat with egg white, which coagulates in little chunks resembling minced meat. The soup was rather good though, so at least there’s that.


My grandma’s face says it all. We were not impressed. It was overpriced, oily, and not great. Yummy King recommended huh? I was a little disappointed. Oh, did I mention that these folks were not very friendly either?

Seng Hiang/Cheng Xiang Bedok Minced Meat Noodles

Address: Bedok South Market and Food Center
Blk 16 Bedok South Road #01-23
Price Range: $ (Under $10 per person)
Overall: OK


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