Singapore Eats: PS.Cafe @ Palais Renaissance

Visited PS.Cafe with some old friends from my JC days, and our beloved music teacher. We went to the PS.Cafe at Palais Renaissance instead of the Dempsey or Paragon ones as we wanted a quieter spot, and the other two PS.Cafes were noisy. It was nice to meet up with classmates from a decade ago, and to learn/catch up with what people are doing today. Glad that almost 100% of our class is still involved in music in one way or another!

It had just rained, and they gave us a table outside. The weather was perfect, and with the high ceilings, it was actually really comfortable outside. I would have been freezing and uncomfortable had we been seated in the indoors air-conditioned area.


Table for 7! What a chill environment!


Here’s the front of the menu. Yes, things are a little pricey!


Truffle Fries – $15: I heard so much about their truffle fries and had to have it. I’ve NEVER in my life ordered $15 fries before, but since it was so highly recommended, I thought I had to try it.

The fries were good shoestring fries–crispy on the outside, and not much starch on the insides–just the way I like them. It has some shredded parmesan and some herbs (I think it is flat-leaf parsley) sprinkled on top, while some oil is drizzled over as well.

Most fry pieces did not have that truffle flavor, which I was disappointed by (it was $15 fries!) The fries on top that were coated with parmesan and truffle oil were heavenly! If only all fries were made the same! *haha*


Sticky Date Pudding – $15: We also heard that their sticky date pudding is good, and ordered it to share. It came with a generous dollop of ice cream!

We got the traditional sticky date pudding over other steamed puddings (there were at least 4 choices.) The pudding itself was good, but not very flavorful. In fact, there was pudding left over, which says a lot for $15 pudding! There were a few pieces of date on top, but not that much, though the date that I had was delectably sticky and yummy.

The winning element in this dish is definitely the butterscotch-caramel sauce. It was so thick and rich, and it was also so sweet! It’s like your worst enemy dressed in a Santa outfit! *haha* It was so good that I could eat that sauce with anything or on it’s own. That butterscotch-caramel definitely saved the dish because it was pretty uninteresting on it’s own!


Here’s our gang from our TJC MEP days. Glad to see that everyone is doing exceedingly well, and that we’re all still musicking in one way or another!


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