Singapore Eats: Sin Lee Foods @ Tiong Bahru

I’ve heard a lot about Sin Lee Foods even before my vacation (yeah, I’m now a local tourist) in Singapore. When a friend suggested it as a cafe to visit, I was very excited! All that local-fusion foods are very interesting to me, though in my heart, I still love my hawker centers.


The menu. Very dirty and grimy. I don’t know if it’s part of the vibe there, because the bench I was sitting on had dust from the cement. Ew! I didn’t like that. Where food is concerned, cleanliness matters.


Sweet Potato Fries with Salted Egg Sauce – $12: For this amount of money, I was expecting more fries! This bowl hardly counts as a side. For TWELVE dollars, mind you, I expect fries that I can actually share with friends! That said, the salted egg sauce was quite nice, but it made the sweet potato fries soggy. The fried curry leaves were also not necessary. They were not crispy and just detracted from the experience. Sin Lee Foods, I would put the sauce on the side and give people more fries!!


“The One and Only” Chicken and Waffles – $21.80: The twist to this dish is that the chicken is actually har cheong gai, or shrimp-paste chicken, like the ones we find at our coffee shop’s tze char stall. The chicken thigh is HUGE and we couldn’t finish it! It tasted good on it’s own, albeit a little on the salty side, and was very crunchy! The waffle was good too–dense and soft at the same time. However, I don’t think it comes together well. The flavor of the har cheong just does not work with the maple syrup (probably ‘maple syrup’ because it’s very cloudy; what maple syrup isn’t clear?) I can’t say I wasn’t a tad disappointed.


Warm Banana and Walnut Cake ‘French Toast’ – $11: I don’t understand why this is called ‘french toast’. The cake is not even fried on either side and can very well be just Warm Banana and Walnut Cake. That said, this was pretty good. I LOVE the bananas. It had that delightful caramelized sugar that had become this nice crunchy crust on the banana. The ice cream melted way too quickly though. Pretty good!

Overall, I’m not that impressed by Sin Lee Foods. Yes, the combinations are interesting, but the execution haven’t been spot on. After each dish, we’re all eh, once enough liao. The food was pretty decent, but it was expensive for what it was, especially for a place under a block of HDB flats! The seats were very very dusty–dust was on my pants after I stood up!–which bothered me a lot!

Sin Lee Foods

Address: 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee, #01-164
Singapore 162004
Phone: +65 6377 3170
Hours: T-Su | 10am – 9pm
M | closed
Price Range: $$$$ ($30 to $40 per person)
Overall: Meh.


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