Singapore Eats: Yong He Bak Chor Mee @ Bedok South


When I heard from my mum and grandma that there was a very good bak chor mee in the coffee shop across from our nearest hawker center, I was a little skeptical. That coffee shop in question has had very quick turnovers in the stalls, and had never really had great food. However, when my brother sent me a whatsapp message forwarded from a friend that also confirmed that this bak chor mee near our house really good, I decided that I have to try it before going back!

I brought my grandma here twice, but only managed to have it once. The first time we went was a Monday, and the stall was closed. That doesn’t matter though–we still got it another morning for breakfast! (Yes, a full meal for breakfast! This is why I love being home!)


The cheapest thing on the menu is a $4.50 bowl of seafood bak chor mee. It is a beautiful bowl! The stall owner really takes her care in placing every single item in the bowl. Let’s dissect this bowl.

The noodles were perfectly Q (springy!) and was in a most delicious sauce. They do not skimp on the pork lard and pork oil (no, it is not oily), and the chili is a little sweet and very flavorful with a slight shrimpy flavor. They add a good dash of braising sauce (lu3 zhi1) at the end too, which was a nice touch. I think there’s a dash of vinegar in there, but if it’s not enough, you can always add more–self-service! Also, pork lard bits are so delicious!

In the bowl, there is a HUGE prawn, minced pork, braised mushrooms, a slice of abalone, 3 lala (clams) and many tender lettuce. It also comes with a bowl of soup, which was pretty run of the mill, unfortunately.


Look at this pretty bowl! Everything is placed so perfectly in place! It was one of life’s here-take-my-money-moments. Totally worth $4.50! MUST TRY!

If you’re not impressed by this, then you can get one of their $10 bak chor mees. The difference is that it comes with either a HUGE prawn, or a crayfish. I’ve never tried it, but from what I’ve had, it’s has to be pretty good!

Yong He Bak Chor Seafood Mee 永和肉脞海鲜面

Address: 18 Brewcoffee, Blk 18 Bedok South Road, Singapore 460018
Hours: T-Su | 7am – 3p,
M | closed
Price Range: $ (Below $10)
Overall: MUST TRY!




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