Singapore Eats: Hong Kong Street Sheng Ji Zhu Chao @ Bedok South

On my last night in Singapore, the family decided to go out for dinner (love these times when we all gather to eat together!) and try a new (to us) coffee shop tze char stall. We found a coffee shop rather near us that is a short walk away just a few nights ago, and decided to head there. Family food adventure!


Egg Foo Young (Small) – $6: Large enough for all 6 of us, and we all had multiple servings Very fluffy and has crabstick, onions, small shrimp etc. inside. Great value! If I can eat this egg for lunch, I would.


Garlic-fried Kai Lan (Medium) – $10: Decent. My mum exclaimed (and she always does) that the outside places’ veggies are always greener. It might be a case of ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, but really, these were green, crunchy and hell delicious. Good amount too!


Salted Egg Pork Ribs (Medium) – $18: Lots of meat–it’s all boneless!! But everything is very salty. The pork is salted, the batter is salted and the sauce is obviously salted! I generally appreciate it when every element is seasoned, but in this case, it is too salty, because one must really take into consideration the salted egg sauce.


Chai Po Tofu (Medium) – $15: This was also an overly salty dish. The soy sauce you see there, is almost 100% intensity from the bottle! Paired with the already salty chaipo, it made the dish just too salty! The tofu was perfectly fried though, and thank god they didn’t season the steamed broccoli!


Yam Ring – $18: This was by far far far the most salty dish on the menu. Again, every element was salted–the yam ring was salted, and the fried ingredients inside was also salted. Actually, the stir-fried chicken and shrimp bits inside the yam ring was MORE than salted. It was just like ingesting tablespoons of salt. No no no!! The yam ring without anything else was pretty good though. Unfortunately, I didn’t order a yam ring to eat only the yam. Haha!


Here’s everyone! We’re missing my youngest brother who is a regular in camp. We all agreed that most things were too salty. Unfortunately.


Here’s our final bill. Pretty good for 6!

Hong Kong Street Sheng Ji Zhu Chao

Address: Blk 26 New Upper Changji Road, #01-656
Singapore 462026
Price Range: $$ ($10 to $20 per person)
Overall: Meh.


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