Boston Eats: Flour @ Central

Last semester, I started a job at MIT (one of my four part-time, salaried jobs) that required me to walk past Flour to get to work. That, and following Joanne Chang on instagram resulted in lots of Flour-visits to get lots of delicious pastries.


One day, just after starting our ‘low-carb’ diet, ie. no rice, no noodles, no bread, I went to Flour for lunch. Looking at the menu, the quiche was probably the only lunch item that was somewhat low-carb. It was relatively affordable (I think it was about $6) and mighty tasty too! Would go for more quiches for sure, and the salad that accompanied it was just perfectly dressed. Yum!


And of course, a lime cookie!

Flour Bakery

Address: 190 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
Telephone: (617) 225-2525
Hours: M-F | 7am – 8pm
Sa | 8am – 6pm
Su | 9am – 5pm
Price Range: $ (Under $10)
Overall: Yummy! Recommend!


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