California Eats: Eat Shabu @ Long Beach


Another from our Cali roadtrip! This is a shabu shabu shop near where we were staying in Long Beach! The menu is basically completely customizable–down to the number of drops (yes drops!) of hot chili oil you want/need!


Jas got the sukiyaki. The broth was very flavorful. Maybe even too flavorful? I felt that it was too sweet for my liking, but Jas liked it a lot. You cook your meat/egg/noodles/veg in this sauce concoction and eat it! We both chose 1 drop of chili oil, and it was spicy enough for us!


Veggie plate!


One portion of pork and salmon. Yeah, that’s not that much meat!


Here’s a person’s worth of shrimp and beef. I say for the price, it was better value to get shrimp and beef rather than pork and fish. I’ll remember this next time.


I really liked the interior of the place. It’s artsy without being in your face about it, which I enjoyed.


Eat Shabu

Address: 5242 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803
Telephone: (562) 343-5511
Hours: M-Fr | 12pm – 2.30pm, 5pm – 10pm
Sa | 12pm – 10pm
Su | 12pm – 9pm
Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)
Overall: Meh.


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