California Eats: Izakaya Sasaya @ Sawtelle [LA]

While in LA visiting friends (the same friends who brought us to the shabu shabu place in Long Beach, MX and D), we decided also to hit some of their other favorite spots. I always try to trust the locals before Yelp!


Izakaya Sasaya’s menu is pretty comprehensive, and I like that it’s all on one page!


loved the vibe–dark, mysterious but warm. The only problem with this place is that it was so dark that it was difficult to photograph food in such dim light!


Soboro Don – $6.80: Ground chicken over rice, topped with some egg and pickled ginger. The chicken was nicely seasoned and went well with the rice. It looks plain, but it was really nothing but. Though, having a whole bowl of it might get boring quickly. Share!


Chicken Nanban – $7.80: Deep fried chicken with a sweet vinegary sauce. This was really yummy! The chicken was very lightly breaded, and extremely crisp. The sweet/sour sauce was just a tad spicy, and didn’t overpower the chicken bits at all. Yum!


Tuna Don two ways: The tuna slices were fresh, but I have no idea how to feel with that minced up little ball of tuna bits. In general, there was too much rice for the amount of fish given, and I didn’t understand the sprinkled eggs. I would pass on this next time.


Mentai Butter Udon – $8.80: Udon with cod roe, butter and seaweed. This was different and special! I love butter, and liked how extremely extremely rich this dish was. I wouldn’t want to finish an entire one on my own, but a few bites to have and a bowl to share was a good choice.


MX and D!


Green Tea Ice Cream and mochi bites!


Cheesecake – $5: This was made in house! It’s super soft in the middle and had a velvety feel. I like cheesecake and this is not like other cheesecakes I’ve had before. Yum!

Izakaya Sasaya

Address: 11613 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Telephone: (310) 477-4404
Hours: M – Th | 6pm – 11pm
Fr, Sa | 6pm – 12am
Su | 6pm – 10pm
Price Range: $$$ ($20 to $30 per person)
Overall: Good!


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